Saturday, May 9, 2009

Food and your health

What is functional nutrition?

Functional nutrition is nutrition with a goal or a function. That goal is the promotion of your health and productivity.

But it’s not easy to set a border between industrial food products with all kinds of additions and food that’s made to promote and preserve our health.

Functional food products can be categorized according to the effects it has on certain organs and systems.

Most people are willing to drop their old eating habits to preserve their health and that faced the food industry with a new and difficult challenge.

And that challenge is all about finding a balance between an attractive taste, health functionality of the food product and the prices.

Nutritionist however, got another task, to explain what does it mean to find a balance between taste an the health value of those ‘new’ food products.

This is very important if we consider that the majority of non-violent deaths can be in some way or another linked with bad nutrition.

Heart diseases, diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure and many other diseases can be successfully prevented with proper functional nutrition and minor changes in life style.

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